Easy Dinner Recipes for Senior Health

It was October 13, 2016, the air was cold, crisp and smelled like fall was in the air. My mom was just released from the hospital after becoming terribly ill. She was released with doctor’s order to see a dietary specialist to get her weight under control so she can gain her independence back and stay out of the hospital. 

Her amazing doctors recommended the dietary specialist, Karen Seymour, at Home Health CC. 

At Home Health CC we understand it can be difficult for seniors, to eat well- from aging taste buds to lack of energy or illness or injury prevent them from the interest of cooking, altogether. On top of all that, older adults have different nutrient requirements to keep their aging bones and organs healthy. 

So, our dietitian, Karen Seymour, put together a list of healthy nutrient-rich recipes for seniors that have fallen ill or have been injured. This blog includes dinner meals with only a handful of ingredients. 

Try one of the recipes and post a picture of you and mom enjoying a healthy and delicious meal together!


  • Baked or grilled Alaskan salmon. Top each steak with tomatoes, sweet onion, dried or fresh basil, chopped garlic and 1 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil. Wrap each piece of fish tightly in aluminum foil and place in the oven on a low heat (300 degrees). If the fish is thawed, cook for about 15 minutes. Dinner is ready when the fish is flaky but still moist.
  • Lamb and potatoes. (If you can keep some parboiled red potatoes on hand, you can prepare fast and easy meals.) Form ground lamb into small meatballs. Tear fresh basil into slivers, or use a pinch of dried basil. Slice pre-cooked red potatoes into small pieces. Slice a clove of garlic. Warm extra virgin olive oil in a skillet. Sauté garlic and basil on a medium heat for 5 minutes. Add lamb; brown. Add potatoes; cover for 10 min. Toss ingredients; add a dash of ground pepper. Cook for an additional 5 min.
  • Shrimp and pasta. Heat a pat of butter and 1 Tbs. olive oil in a saucepan. Add chopped fresh herbs, garlic and a handful of shrimp. Toss and cook until shrimp is done. Place on a bed of pasta and top with chopped fresh tomatoes.
  • Liver and fennel. Place liver slices in a skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Top with chopped fennel, red onion, and cabbage. Cover and steam until livers are tender. Serve.
  • Beans and rice. Heat up a can of black, pinto or white beans. Serve with brown rice, oats or barley. You can warm the meal in a crockpot and serve later.
  • Shrimp and fresh greens. Sauté fresh vegetables in a saucepan (again, you can buy pre-cut veggies), with olive oil. Add cocktail shrimp, which can be bought peeled, cooked and chilled. Serve with a berry vinaigrette salad dressing and lime slices.
  • Southwest chicken salad. Cook boneless, skinless chicken breast on a medium heat in a skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Add salsa. Shred chicken and reserve in the refrigerator to use for wraps, salad or soup.

Do you have a healthy dinner recipe to share, that is a personal favorite? We’d love to see your recipes in the comments below.

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