Caring in a Crisis: We’re Prepared for an Emergency

The purpose of being prepared is to be able to continue providing quality care to the patients of Home Health CC during times of major emergencies and/or disasters. A disaster may be classified as a fire, tornado, flood, explosion, bomb threat, hazardous material spills or releases, or any other situation that would put the lives of our patients in serious danger.

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. That is why Home Health CC is prepared. We have been through a mock disaster and our team did well. Our policy and procedures are all in order. Our patients are receiving and Emergency Preparedness book in every packet, when they are admitted, informing them how to handle different disaster situations. As a bonus, they also receive a File of Life holder for their refrigerator listing all their current medications.

We are as interested in our patient’s safety as we are their health.

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