Choosing the Best Option for In Home Physical Therapy

The Home Health CC Physical Therapists (PTs) are licensed health care professionals who help patients reduce pain and improve or restore their mobility- saving some patients from expensive surgery and reducing the need for the use of prescription medications.

Home Health CC’s Physical Therapists assess and provide treatment to help patients of all ages increase mobility, strength, balance, and coordination and they do it all in the comfort of your own home. These include but are not limited to, getting in and out of bed, safe walking, stair climbing, accessing the bathroom, and restoring joint range of motion, or strength.

They teach patients in the comfort of their own homes how to prevent or manage their condition so that they can achieve long-term health benefits. Our Physical Therapists are experts at what the body can do. They educate our patients and families and keep everyone motivated through ongoing therapy.

You have the option to choose where you will receive treatment and the option to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home does exist. If you would like to know if we take your insurance, click here. If we are not “in network” with your specific insurance provider, our wonderful Home Health CC Medical Social Worker can research if we have any out of network options that would still provide coverage.

“Why should I use a physical therapist, can’t I get better on my own?”

  • Physical therapists are trained to identify your movement dysfunction and changes related to your diagnosis.
  • They rehabilitate an injury with movement.
  • They educate you about your body and how to correct it
  • They teach you how to prevent further injuries
  • And they do this all in the comfort of your own home.

Contact Home Health CC for a free consultation to learn how we can coordinate in-home physical therapy care for you or your loved one.

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