Healing Through Gratitude and Friendship in November

Gratitude and FriendshipNovember Notables | Healing Through Gratitude and Friendship

To Begin . . .

Healing through gratitude and friendship sounds like a great idea, but what does that mean? Well, November is the eleventh month of our calendar year. It is also a time that many people focus on all of the blessings that abound in their lives. There’s a heavy focus on kindness and giving during this time. We’d like to emphasize just how special it is to experience healing through gratitude and friendship.

Thus, we are going to illustrate how the brain becomes healthier and happier when we are surrounded by these joys. Then we will elucidate the way that the changes in the brain bring about easier and more rapid recoveries. Finally, we will make it clear for you to see how you can implement these into yours and your loved-ones recoveries and lives.


It goes without saying – but we will say it anyway – that the pain of physical discomfort can more than easily pull someone into the blues. When we are used to being able to function because we are physically well, we don’t have to think about or consider how we will do things differently if we don’t have the same abilities later. For most of us, that simply doesn’t cross our mind. That is until we are left with no choice.

Many of our beloved patients are in such a place. Whether their chronic illnesses have taken a turn for the worse or they’ve been suddenly disabled, they’re in a position of discomfort. We do all that we can to ease this and encourage them to take charge of their new level of functioning. No matter how thorough a job we do, each patient must deal with his or her own mentality around their suffering. And, almost every single one goes through some irritation about their situation.

This Is Where Gratitude and Friendship Comes In

So, let me ask you this: would you rather spend your time alone and in low spirits or with the people you love and that lift you up? Duh. You’d rather the latter. I don’t need to speak with you to know this because it’s human nature. We need each other.

When we face the difficulties of sickness and disability, we need our friends more than usual. We require more things to smile about and we more kindness. Not less. These are necessary if we are to stay encouraged and keep moving forward. Yes, different folks need different amounts. An introverted person may desire less contact than an extroverted person. Yet, when it comes to healing, all people need gratitude and friendship with those who surround them.

Enjoying the Community and Love Around You

“Okay-” you say, “I get it! But, what’s the point. What should I do now that I know this?” First, decide for yourself when you’re willing to go the extra mile to seek this comfort for you. Will you ask a friend to come over once a week for a meal or a cup of coffee? Do you want to see a family member for a game of checkers? Will you share what’s on your mind with your nurse? It’s up to you to decide how you’ll take our advice.

If you’re reading this as a caretaker for somebody, you can encourage them to do this. Cater to their temperament when discussing this. Whether you need to prod gently or you’re dealing with somebody who is very willing, it is worth it to help them make the effort.

Coming Full Circle . . .

Now that we’ve shared how let’s share why. Why would you want to do this? Just think of it this way: ever been around the same person on two different occasions? On one occasion they’re an absolute joy and on another they’re sour? How do you feel leaving that person the first time versus the time that they’re a grouch? Even if you’re not easily drawn into others’ emotions, it’s likely that you don’t feel better after leaving someone who was agitated. Who knows? Perhaps you even feel a little blue.

Gratitude works in the opposite manner. Upon living as if you have many things to be happy about, you’ll gain increasing reasons for your inner joy. It’s like magic. So, don’t ask us how. Just follow our experience and advice. Give it a little bit of time and you’ll see. It’s not a fix-all. It is, however, quite an addition to keeping a happy and healthy heart and mind. Ultimately, with a happy spirit, the body is much more likely to heal. This is the case for multiple reasons that are beyond the scope of this writing.

A Little Bit of Encouragement

Give yourself a chance to feel the peace of a positive outlook that comes with gratitude and friendship. Decide for you how you’ll start doing this. Be open-minded enough to see this work, and you’re likely to be very surprised! Trust us.

And, let us know below what you enjoyed about this article. We’ll catch you on the next blog!

Gratitude and Friendship

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