Health Care Tips from Your In-Home Skilled Care Nurse in Kansas City

The flu, stomach bugs and the common cold have been on the rise this winter season and Kansas City is no exception to the rule here. Many have missed school and/or work and have spent long hours in emergency rooms or doctor’s offices, to find out their diagnosis and seek help to recover from their illness.

Though our in-home skilled care nurses are not exempt from these illnesses, they do have strong immune systems and have acquired some tips and tricks along the way to help fight the germs that threaten to take them down and take them away from their patients.
Consider the following tips to help you be the healthiest version of yourself during this germ-infested season.

1. Wash your hands. It goes without saying that this should be a habit already, but often we get busy and want to rush through the day, not taking the time to rid ourselves of the germs that we collect from door knobs, high fives or other surfaces we come in contact with.

2. Get plenty of sleep. Make sure you give your body the chance to recover and have down time. Having sufficient energy to fight germs is important and your body needs rest to do that.

3. Drink a LOT of water. We know this might mean extra trips to the bathroom but it also means flushing your system of toxins and keeping your body healthy and happy.

4. Stay home if you are sick. We know it’s tempting to go get that errand accomplished or go pick up dinner for the family, but you need to get some rest and keep your germs to yourself.

Sharing isn’t always caring. Use this opportunity to reach out to your loved ones and let them assist you. Everyone needs help sometimes and everyone deserves a break.

We hope these tips are helpful and that you make it through this season feeling strong and healthy!

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