Hello World!

This is our very first blog post and we are delighted to have you with us on our journey!

I am Shelley, a proud mom of 3 incredible children, U.S. Navy Veteran and registered nurse on a mission to bring a harmonized approach to home health care.

This blog was created to tell Home Health CC’s story, to educate about the home health care industry and to be an inspiration by helping you or your loved ones live a productive daily lift from tips, tricks, recipes and facts check us out on “There’s no place like home” blog!

How it all started…

I grew up in an Airforce family. So, the story would only make sense if I enlisted too and that is exactly what I did.

At age 17 I enlisted myself in the U.S. Navy with dreams of graduating Corps School and I did, becoming one of the first females to attend field medical school with the U.S. Marines.

I went on to serve my country by providing medical care to my fellow men and women during the Desert Shield and Desert Storm campaigns.

When I returned home I decided to take my love and passion for the medical field and turn it into a degree in Registered Nursing so I can continue to help my fellow people.
I graduated as an RN while raising those three beautiful children who rooted me on the entire way!

I spent several years (almost 30 to be exact) working and building knowledge in the medical field. I have had high levels of training in traveling PICC line nursing, home health skilled nursing, hospital floor nursing, special infusion therapy, emergency change room nurse, outpatient surgery, and wound care nursing.

All of these experiences led me straight to what is now Home Health CC in which we provide skilled in-home care with round the clock availability when you or a loved one is facing an illness or injury.

Our goal at Home Health CC is to help you or your loved one transition from hospital to home and then into a productive daily life. We manage prescriptions, provide training on medical devices, schedule therapists, submit progress reports to doctors and even fill insurance claims.

Let us show you or your loved ones a better way to live.


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