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What? What could that mean? Of course, clients are not trees. HHCC Patients are strong, but they aren’t trees.¬†Yes, we know. We are looking to have some fall fun by comparing the strengths of our patients to that of oak trees. Come along for the journey!

Oak Trees Are . . .

I want you to describe the characteristics of an oak tree. Before you read on, please pause and do this. HEY! I see you. STOP reading and do it! I’ll wait. Take your time. Oh! I agree about that trait, friend. Ha! Okay, let’s continue.

Presently you have a couple of traits in your mind. But, what do we attribute oak trees with? First, oak trees are notoriously strong. Second, these trees are about as resilient as our patients! We’ll explain.

The Robustness of Oaks

To be robust means to be sturdy, full of vigor, to possess vital energy. No, this isn’t a direct dictionary definition, it’s our understanding. Okay, so, sturdy, vigorous, vital! Yes. Oak trees possess trunks that are firmly rooted into the ground and wide enough to stay planted amidst weather changes. Vigorous? You bet. Depending on the type of oak tree, it may produce fruit, even amidst weather that could ruin it’s potential to do this. You might be thinking, “I agree with the last two. Why would you call an oak tree vital, though? First, they are alive. But that’s not all. Oak Trees produce fruit (acorns)! Not only are they living and breathing organisms, but they also produce their own offspring of sorts.

Resilient Factors of an Oak Tree

Yep! You betcha that oak trees are resilient. Oak trees can live anywhere from about eighty years old to over six hundred years old. Yes, you read that right. Some can be multiple centuries old. With their aging, they experience many seasonal changes, storm after storm, and countless vulnerabilities to other factors. Many remain deeply rooted, continue to produce fruit, and grow taller and wider despite these potentially threatening factors.

HHCC Patients are Rooted in Robustness and Resilience

We’ve told you about oak trees and backed up our conclusions. All of this has brought us to share our patients’ awe-inspiring personalities with you.

Whether we are working with someone injured in an accident, a diabetes patient, or somebody who needs help with their speech, we find that these people are full of resilience and robustness, too! Let’s take an injured patient for example. This patient has been unexpectedly compromised. While he or she could wallow in pity, we find that this person is incredibly determined to get better. And, we are grateful to provide this support and work alongside them.

What do we see in our patients that makes it easy to describe them as robust? Yes, many healing people are full of perseverance and will-power to recover. And, this holds true for people that we serve. Yet, they’re also very strong in body. These people have exhibited great skill in doing whatever is physically necessary to heal, even and especially in the face of debilitating handicaps.

No, They’re Not the Same Things

No, an oak tree and a human being aren’t the same thing. That’s for sure. And, that’s not the conclusion we are making. We are simply emphasizing the qualities of oaks with the inspiring recovery efforts of the patients we see.

We hope this fun comparison brings you a little bit of seasonal joy.

Patients are Strong

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