Home Health Care FAQ

Q. Who Should be Referred to Home Care?

A. Criteria for admission to home care are:

  • The patient is homebound.
  • The patient needs health care that requires skilled nursing, physical therapy or speech therapy on an intermittent basis.
  • The attending physician must sign the initial plan of care.

If a patient is not homebound, but may still benefit from home-based services, consider referring the patient to private care for self-pay options.

Examples of patients who would benefit from home care are:

  • Those recovering from surgery
  • Disabled or chronically ill persons needing medical treatment and/or assistance with the activities of daily living
  • Patients recovering from a stroke, heart attack, heart surgery, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, lung disease, diseases of the nervous system and terminal illness
  • Patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery, those receiving IV therapy, and those with a colostomy or catheter

These examples are not all-inclusive; however, they illustrate the breadth of home care services we provide.

Q. What Types of Services Does Home Health CC offer?

A. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Skilled Nurses who assess, treat, and teach patients about their diagnoses, medications, and self-care
  • Infusion Therapy and Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing are provided by specially trained staff
  • Physical Therapists who work to increase strength, mobility, balance, and endurance through a personalized exercise program
  • Occupational Therapists who teach skills that help the patient perform activities of daily living to become independent and active
  • Speech Therapists who help patients get their message across, improve memory and problem solving, as well as recover swallowing functions
  • Medical Social Workers who assist with managing social and emotional concerns
  • Home Health Aides who assist with bathing and dressing and other daily activities

Q: How can I know that the person coming into my home is trustworthy?

A: At Home Health CC, you can be sure that every member of your team – whether nurse, rehabilitation therapist, home health aide, social worker and others – is highly trained, trustworthy and professional. Every member of your team is fully screened and insured. They offer a level of skill that comes only with experience, and the compassion that comes with true caring.

Q: What if I need home care services for only a short time?

A: Home Health CC can be used on a short-term or long-term basis. Many of our patients use our services for only a short time, while others have been with us for years.

Q. Where Do You Provide Care?

A. We provide care throughout these Kansas counties:

  • Franklin
  • Johnson
  • Leavenworth
  • Linn
  • Miami
  • Wyandotte

Q. How do I get started?

A. Call 913-242-3925 or contact us here to submit an online request to Home Health CC.  We will come to your home to complete an assessment. Our clinical team will talk to your primary physician about your plan of care.

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