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To give thanks is a beautiful way to boost our health and wellness. We want to show you some ideas that we are going to put this into practice over the holiday season. We like to encourage you to do the same!

Taking a Moment Out

Stop! Whatever you’re doing at the moment, stop it. For just a minute. (If you’re doing your physical therapy, though – don’t stay for too, long!) Notice where you are. What’s going on around you? Are you present to the moment? Getting caught up in life’s hustle and bustle, in our routines and doing things, that we don’t appreciate the amazing things taking place around us.

Now that you’ve paused whatever you’re doing and I have your attention listen up. I want you to choose a way to increase your mindfulness. I’ll give you a couple of options to get started. You can:

-Take a few deep breaths. Notice where your breath settles in your body.

-List some gratitude. What specifically are you feeling happy for in your life?

-Take a mental note of your environment.

By choosing any of these options to give thanks, you’ll find yourself more mentally available to partake in your day! You’ll be able to get back to whatever you’re doing with extra zeal.

Expressing Your Gratitude Vocally

The holidays are a time of family focus for many people. Some people have mixed feelings about this time. For many, it is a time of closeness and bonding. For others, it’s a little bit anxiety provoking. The pressures to pull off a good get together and make sure people are pleased can leave some feeling a bit overwhelmed. And, for still some, this can be a time of grief.

Thus, we encourage you to share your gratitude with those around you. Have a friend or family member that would do well to receive your thanks? For example, my mother does a great job at hosting the whole family. She works tirelessly to pay attention to detail. She spends multiple days preparing dishes that will fill everyone’s bellies with nourishment. Plus, she makes sure that different family members’ eccentric preferences are taken care of.

Who is it that goes above and beyond in your life? Focus on somebody who does a great job at something and then let them know. A simple note goes miles in helping others feel the love. You could do that. You could call someone and be intentional about letting them know. Really, trust us. They’ll be warm-hearted, and you’ll find yourself with lifted spirit because you chose to give thanks. We love a win-win situation.

These Are Just Two

Among the many ways that you can show your thanks during this time of celebration, we’ve listed two. You can choose to enact one or more of them. Or, you could dream up some of your own ways to give thanks. Whatever your decision is to be, you’re welcome to let us know about it. We’d love to hear!

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