How to Prevent Seniors from Falling: Safety Tips

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of injuries for our senior population. These falls, resulting in injury can make a huge impact on someone’s life and create a significant life change for them in Kansas City.

Our goal as a society should be to do all that we can to prevent these falls and create awareness around providing for their safety whether they are in their own space at home or somewhere else.

We believe that we can help prevent these falls and further injuries, from happening by keeping in mind the following tips.

1. Be aware of and remove any obstacles that may be difficult for an elderly person to maneuver around. Any sharply edged or unstable furniture should be removed to prevent harm. It is also important to consider making sure the pathways in which they walk are clear and wide enough to encompass their bodies and any walkers or wheelchairs that they may need to use.

2. Encourage movement. The more movement and strength they can create in their bodies, the more they are capable of preventing a fall. By building strength, they will build confidence as well and in the event of a fall, they may be more capable of getting up on their own.

3. Communicate. Ask them how they are feeling and remind them to listen to their bodies. While creating movement is a healthy goal, it is also important for them to understand any limits that they may have and allow themselves to move accordingly or rest when needed.

Though our senior friends and family members are adding more and more years to their life, they are also still a beautiful part of our Kansas City society and their care should be of utmost importance to us.

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