HHCC Patients Are Strong | Similarities of Oak Trees

Patients are StrongHome Health CC Patients Are Strong | How Oak Trees Compare

What? What could that mean? Of course, clients are not trees. HHCC Patients are strong, but they aren’t trees. Yes, we know. We are looking to have some fall fun by comparing the strengths of our patients to that of oak trees. Come along for the journey!

Oak Trees Are . . .

I want you to describe the characteristics of an oak tree. Before you read on, please pause and do this. HEY! I see you. STOP reading and do it! I’ll wait. Take your time. Oh! I agree about that trait, friend. Ha! Okay, let’s continue.

Presently you have a couple of traits in your mind. But, what do we attribute oak trees with? First, oak trees are notoriously strong. Second, these trees are about as resilient as our patients! We’ll explain.

The Robustness of Oaks

To be robust means to be sturdy, full of vigor, to possess vital energy. No, this isn’t a direct dictionary definition, it’s our understanding. Okay, so, sturdy, vigorous, vital! Yes. Oak trees possess trunks that are firmly rooted into the ground and wide enough to stay planted amidst weather changes. Vigorous? You bet. Depending on the type of oak tree, it may produce fruit, even amidst weather that could ruin it’s potential to do this. You might be thinking, “I agree with the last two. Why would you call an oak tree vital, though? First, they are alive. But that’s not all. Oak Trees produce fruit (acorns)! Not only are they living and breathing organisms, but they also produce their own offspring of sorts.

Resilient Factors of an Oak Tree

Yep! You betcha that oak trees are resilient. Oak trees can live anywhere from about eighty years old to over six hundred years old. Yes, you read that right. Some can be multiple centuries old. With their aging, they experience many seasonal changes, storm after storm, and countless vulnerabilities to other factors. Many remain deeply rooted, continue to produce fruit, and grow taller and wider despite these potentially threatening factors.

HHCC Patients are Rooted in Robustness and Resilience

We’ve told you about oak trees and backed up our conclusions. All of this has brought us to share our patients’ awe-inspiring personalities with you.

Whether we are working with someone injured in an accident, a diabetes patient, or somebody who needs help with their speech, we find that these people are full of resilience and robustness, too! Let’s take an injured patient for example. This patient has been unexpectedly compromised. While he or she could wallow in pity, we find that this person is incredibly determined to get better. And, we are grateful to provide this support and work alongside them.

What do we see in our patients that makes it easy to describe them as robust? Yes, many healing people are full of perseverance and will-power to recover. And, this holds true for people that we serve. Yet, they’re also very strong in body. These people have exhibited great skill in doing whatever is physically necessary to heal, even and especially in the face of debilitating handicaps.

No, They’re Not the Same Things

No, an oak tree and a human being aren’t the same thing. That’s for sure. And, that’s not the conclusion we are making. We are simply emphasizing the qualities of oaks with the inspiring recovery efforts of the patients we see.

We hope this fun comparison brings you a little bit of seasonal joy.

Patients are Strong

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Healing Through Gratitude and Friendship in November

Gratitude and FriendshipNovember Notables | Healing Through Gratitude and Friendship

To Begin . . .

Healing through gratitude and friendship sounds like a great idea, but what does that mean? Well, November is the eleventh month of our calendar year. It is also a time that many people focus on all of the blessings that abound in their lives. There’s a heavy focus on kindness and giving during this time. We’d like to emphasize just how special it is to experience healing through gratitude and friendship.

Thus, we are going to illustrate how the brain becomes healthier and happier when we are surrounded by these joys. Then we will elucidate the way that the changes in the brain bring about easier and more rapid recoveries. Finally, we will make it clear for you to see how you can implement these into yours and your loved-ones recoveries and lives.


It goes without saying – but we will say it anyway – that the pain of physical discomfort can more than easily pull someone into the blues. When we are used to being able to function because we are physically well, we don’t have to think about or consider how we will do things differently if we don’t have the same abilities later. For most of us, that simply doesn’t cross our mind. That is until we are left with no choice.

Many of our beloved patients are in such a place. Whether their chronic illnesses have taken a turn for the worse or they’ve been suddenly disabled, they’re in a position of discomfort. We do all that we can to ease this and encourage them to take charge of their new level of functioning. No matter how thorough a job we do, each patient must deal with his or her own mentality around their suffering. And, almost every single one goes through some irritation about their situation.

This Is Where Gratitude and Friendship Comes In

So, let me ask you this: would you rather spend your time alone and in low spirits or with the people you love and that lift you up? Duh. You’d rather the latter. I don’t need to speak with you to know this because it’s human nature. We need each other.

When we face the difficulties of sickness and disability, we need our friends more than usual. We require more things to smile about and we more kindness. Not less. These are necessary if we are to stay encouraged and keep moving forward. Yes, different folks need different amounts. An introverted person may desire less contact than an extroverted person. Yet, when it comes to healing, all people need gratitude and friendship with those who surround them.

Enjoying the Community and Love Around You

“Okay-” you say, “I get it! But, what’s the point. What should I do now that I know this?” First, decide for yourself when you’re willing to go the extra mile to seek this comfort for you. Will you ask a friend to come over once a week for a meal or a cup of coffee? Do you want to see a family member for a game of checkers? Will you share what’s on your mind with your nurse? It’s up to you to decide how you’ll take our advice.

If you’re reading this as a caretaker for somebody, you can encourage them to do this. Cater to their temperament when discussing this. Whether you need to prod gently or you’re dealing with somebody who is very willing, it is worth it to help them make the effort.

Coming Full Circle . . .

Now that we’ve shared how let’s share why. Why would you want to do this? Just think of it this way: ever been around the same person on two different occasions? On one occasion they’re an absolute joy and on another they’re sour? How do you feel leaving that person the first time versus the time that they’re a grouch? Even if you’re not easily drawn into others’ emotions, it’s likely that you don’t feel better after leaving someone who was agitated. Who knows? Perhaps you even feel a little blue.

Gratitude works in the opposite manner. Upon living as if you have many things to be happy about, you’ll gain increasing reasons for your inner joy. It’s like magic. So, don’t ask us how. Just follow our experience and advice. Give it a little bit of time and you’ll see. It’s not a fix-all. It is, however, quite an addition to keeping a happy and healthy heart and mind. Ultimately, with a happy spirit, the body is much more likely to heal. This is the case for multiple reasons that are beyond the scope of this writing.

A Little Bit of Encouragement

Give yourself a chance to feel the peace of a positive outlook that comes with gratitude and friendship. Decide for you how you’ll start doing this. Be open-minded enough to see this work, and you’re likely to be very surprised! Trust us.

And, let us know below what you enjoyed about this article. We’ll catch you on the next blog!

Gratitude and Friendship

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Eating Healthy Foods While You Recover | Vegan Food Tips

Vegan Food TipsVegan Food Tips | Choosing Healthy Foods During Recovery

Consider implementing these vegan food tips to your recovery! No, I’m not going to say that I believe someone should or should not take up a vegan diet. I will, however, share some benefits of making some meals that follow these guidelines. And, I’ll do so with some taste. After all, it doesn’t have to be boring – I promise!

Some Basics

It can feel daunting to consider choosing new cuisines when you’re already dealing with the multiple difficulties in your recovery. Rest easy. For real. I’m going to make it about as simple for you to learn as it is for me to type this out.

Let’s talk about some wholesome options that can serve as the foundations of your delicious vegan entrées. I’ll list them in a bulleted format and we’ll go from there:

  • Squash
  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Soy
  • Chickpeas
  • Quinoa
  • Tomato Soup
  • Hummus
  • Pita

This list of vegan food tips is just a starting point for you. (Work with your HHCC dietician to make your choices more knowledgeable.) From this place, you can search for recipes online that use these ingredients. A search may be something like, “Best Squash Recipes” or even a more generic search like, “Vegan Recipes.”

Taking Care of Your Nutrients

It’s important to make sure that you’re getting a variety of nutrients when you choose to follow vegan meals. They’re a very good source of easily digestible variety. However, when not eating meats or dairies, one can lack vital nutrients. Considering that you’re not taking on a vegan diet, and rather are making some vegan choices, you’ll not have to worry about this too much. (Consider supplementation if you do decide to take on a consistent vegan diet.)

We are going to share just a few tips for variety with your vegan options. Choose to switch up your vegan options. This will serve to help your brain, too. To talk a little bit of science, you’re going to keep your neuro pathways firing. It takes a variety of foods to optimize your brain functions. If you have a bean chili one night, try having squash with rice another night or peanut noodles and tofu yet another night.

Spicing it Up

Get a little spicy, friend! It’s fun to cook new recipes or enjoy those that are prepared for you! Consider your palette. Do you like the aroma of rosemary? Are you more inclined to find satisfaction in the pungency of lemon? Or, do you like a basic basil? Add these to your meals!

You’re going to be surprised by the way that these little changes make these meals interesting and enjoyable! You’re also likely to find that you feel lighter and more agile when you nourish your body like this.

Again, by sharing these vegan food tips with you, I’m not telling you to adopt a fully vegan diet. I’m just encouraging you to try new things. In fact, some people find that they’re less energized by a fully vegan diet and perform better when they have some poultry, meat, and dairy in their food regimen. Catering to your needs is key!

Serve It Up

In sum, get creative and curious about your body’s needs and likes. By improving your connection with your physical needs and using these vegan food tips, you’re much more likely to be in tune at other times, too. This can bolster your recovery in every area, not just in the kitchen.

Vegan Meal Tips

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Self Care in the Fall | Our Advice for Your Comfort

Self Care in the Fall

Home Health CC’s Advice for Your Self Care in the Fall

As seasons change, many find themselves feeling the stress of new routines. Home Health CC wants to share tips for your self care in the fall season. Let’s get to it.

Proper Skin Care Tips

Cracked hands. Dried lips. Ashy skin. These are three bothers that happen during the fall. It’s important that we take care of moisturizing our skin – the largest organ of the human body! Some ways to easily incorporate this care are to follow: pick a consistent time to apply creams/lotions. Reward yourself for your positive choices. Have supplies on hand! You’re going to be grateful that you opted-in on this one. After all, nobody likes itchiness and irritation. I don’t think so, at least.

Get Outdoors!

As the evening falls dark upon us at earlier and earlier hours, we may find ourselves feeling a little bit of gloom. The good news is that we don’t have to let the gloom take charge! You can fight back the dreariness by spending time in the natural world around you. Check out these tips for your outdoors self care in the fall. Perhaps a cup of tea is one of your favorite treats! Go ahead and sit outside, feel the cool air at your nostrils, listen to the birds, and sip, sip away! Maybe you like to do more physically taxing labor. Go ahead and turn on some music and rake your leaves! Not only is it productive – it’s pretty, too.

Have Friends Over

Many of the elderly or health-compromised find that they have the added obstacle of less contact with others. However, by taking one or two extra steps to plan quality-time with loved ones, you’re going to see that obstacle fall away. The good news is that there’s no one thing you have to do. Maybe you want to watch a flick on T.V.! Perhaps you’d enjoy a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Do you like to bake? Ask a friend to get creative in the kitchen with you or invite them over to enjoy your baked goods when you’re finished. Yum! Your friends will be calling you for another day of fun sooner than you expect, too! How easy does that make self care in the fall? Too easy? Almost!

To Wrap Things Up

It is pertinent for any health care routine that one makes sure he or she is moving with the changes in life. So, as the temperatures drop and the days become shorter, Home Health CC wants to encourage you to take charge. By picking some of these activities for your self care in the fall, you’re sure to feel more comfortable with the movement of seasons. We’re positive!

Check out more about Home Health CC’s tips and blogs, here.

Self Care in the Fall


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Favorite Quotes of HHCC’s Skilled In-Home Care Nurses

Home Health CC’s Skilled In-Home Care Nurses’ Favorite Quotes

I’d like to share a list of HHCC’s skilled in-home care nurses’ favorite quotes with you. It is a compilation of some of the quotes that have to do with how we operate. First, I’ll share the complete list with you. Then, I’ll break down what it is about each that relates to Home Health CC. Read on!

The list

  1. "Sometimes I inspire my patients. More often, they inspire me." ~Unknown
  2. "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others." ~Mahatma Gandhi
  3. "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring; all of which have the potential to turn a life around." ~Leo Buscaglia

Number 1

Almost all of the patients we see are going through a difficult time. And, difficult is putting it lightly. Many of them have been physically challenged with a bone break, ligament tear, fracture, or likewise. While I can provide nurture and care for them and bring them the resources that they need on their healing journey, they’re the ones who have to heal. This is why they inspire me; in the face of adversity, they do whatever is necessary to get back to their best possible health. A reversal of how people typically think of skilled in-home care nurses, huh?!

Number 2

As skilled in-home care nurses, we focus on how we can help our patients along with their journey of health restoration. Many factors go into a plan for recovery. What services does a patient need? This depends upon each individual alone. A skilled in-home care nurse with HHCC can offer wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, injections, post-surgical care, medication management, and can monitor a patient’s vital signs and medical equipment. With all of these provisions, it is our priority to make sure that our patients are receiving the exact services that they need. We truly strive to go above and beyond. And, in doing so we have found just who we are as Home Health Critical Care – Skilled Home Health Critical Care Professionals with a zeal for your wellbeing.

Number 3

Like we mentioned in the description of the first quote, any patient that we serve is in need of our help. Therefore, there is a hardship they’re facing. We will keep this simple by stating that we have found it to be true that our attitudes can profoundly affect the overall healing of our clients. Why? We believe in them and they continue to believe in themselves. It makes all the difference.


Skilled in-home care nurses may be thought of as the heroes. We have found that our clients make this possible and are perhaps, the real heroes. In the throes of their current health issues, they work hard to heal. We are grateful to guide them along the journey and these few quotes give you an idea about our perspective.

You can always find more about Home Health CC, below.

Skilled In-Home Care Nurses


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In-Home Skilled Care After Surgery

In-Home Skilled Care

In-Home Skilled Care in Kansas City

Having to make the decision to have surgery is never a fun process, even if you already know that it’s the right decision to make. Once you’ve made the educated decision to proceed with surgery, there are a lot of other decisions to make. We like to think that our in-home skilled care can make some of those decisions a little bit easier.

Our experienced staff goes out of their way to provide you with the information and answers to your questions. Their help will leave you with the feeling of confidence about the care you’re receiving. Knowing that someone is waiting at your side and assisting you with your post-surgery needs will put your mind at ease. As well, it will allow you to shift your focus where you’d like it to be.

Our in-home skilled care nurses are available to provide the short-term and intermittent care that you will need. They will also work closely with any family members and medical professionals that are involved with your care. Answering questions is another part of the service they provide. And, they do it all in the comfort of your own home, giving everybody a positive experience. 

We know the needs of patients often change after surgery. Thus, we bring experience and highly effective medical treatment to the comfort of your own home to make this transition much simpler.

If you or a loved one has a surgery scheduled, please consider us for your post-surgery care. We would be happy to answer any questions you have before. You can count on us for your in-home skilled care to leave you feeling confident and prepared to face the recovery time after your surgery. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions and allow us to put your mind at ease.In-Home Skilled Care

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Skilled Care Nurses Who Really Care

Skilled Care Nurses

Skilled Care Nurses at Home Health CC Really Care

We are Home Health Critical Care. How did we choose this name for our company of skilled care nurses? Let’s dive into each of the elements as we see them. Here we go.


First we will tell you what we mean when we say ‘home.’ A home is more than a house to us. It is a place of safety and security and it is the place that one feels most at ease and comfortable. In other words, it is the feeling of fondness for one’s house – the structure over their heads.

Therefore, any Home Health CC professional will treat your environment with respect and will nurture you in this place. We know that our patients are seeking nurses who can help them heal and who will be respectable, honest, and helpful in this process. Because we know how vital this is to your peace of mind, we consistently step into your shoes when we enter your home. We provide care for you on the basis of empathy.

Now, moving onto ‘Health.’


This word can mean many things to any individual. But, how do our skilled care nurses think of health? There are multiple components. In a broad sense it is one’s overall state of well-being. This includes emotional, cognitive (mental), physical health, and global health. We are going to break these down for you.

Mental Health

Second, your mental or cognitive health. As it goes for our purposes, mental health ought to be considered in regards to the brain’s functioning in an orderly manner. When one is in good cognitive health, he or she can effectively perform thinking tasks and process.

Emotional Health

Second, your emotional health. Note that this is very closely related to one’s mental health. It is, in essence, the experience of wellbeing about one’s feelings and behaviors in his or her internal and external world. It also includes one’s ability to meet life’s daily demands.

Physical Health

Finally, your physical health. Physical health can be thought of as the state of cohesiveness of a person’s body functions. A human’s body operates with minimal pain, is capable of performing daily functions, and is strong when he or she is in good physical health. It is important to remember any limits a person may face to these operations when assessing this person’s physical health.

Global Health

Home Health CC considers mental health, emotional health, and physical health together when we use the term health. As you can see from the descriptions above, each of these components come together to form one’s overall state of health. This provides our skilled care nurses with information about the types and levels of care we are going to offer each individual client. What do we mean by ‘Care,’ though? Read on to find out.


Merriam-Webster defines critical as, ‘relating to or being the stage of a disease at which an abrupt change for better or worse may be expected.‘ By including this element in our name, we allude to our ability to operate in situations where you are likely distressed. We need, though, to combine this with ‘Care’ to really clarify just who we are. Moving forward will make this clear for you.


We think of this term as encompassing the way that we go about providing our services. It suggests our compassionate method of delivering solutions to your needs. Basically, care is our empathy for your situation and the resulting action we take to bring peace and restoration to you. We see you as more than just a client; we see you as another human being who wants to feel good, safe, and healthy.

To Conclude

Like we do anything else, we took time and thought when we chose to name ourselves Home Health CC. It was important to us that our name envelop the totality of who we are. By bringing together each component of the name Home Health Critical Care, we hope that we have successfully given an idea of the services we provide and how we do this. Our skilled care nurses wish that our clients feel comfortable, well, hopeful, and provided for. Now that you know just why we call ourselves what we do, you can understand our passion for your success.

And, find out more about us, here or click the button below to see an overview of our services.

Skilled Care Nurses


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There’s No Place like Home | In-Home Care in Kansas City

In-Home Care in Kansas City

There’s No Place like Home | In-Home Care in Kansas City

They say that home is where the heart is. So, it’s likely that all of us can picture home in our mind’s eye. The tire swing that hangs from its long rope in the old oak tree. The front porch that wraps around. The perfect place to sit on a warm and rainy day. The big yard. Or, the bright green grass and a garden blooming with veggies just waiting to be harvested. Maybe it’s the traffic that you hear in the distance. It could be the sound of a lawnmower. You can picture the perfect moment in that place you call home.

Home Health CC knows how special that is to you. Therefore, we offer in-home care in Kansas City. And, we work hard to provide you with the best home health care. We know that there’s no place like home and it is the best place for you to recover.

Life is full of variables and changes. No matter if we are experiencing health issued due to injury or aging, they can be scary. The unknown variables are endless when one is experiencing life in general, let alone with the added stress of healing from an injury or accident. Home Health CC aims to make these variables a little less overwhelming. Thus, we offer top-tier in-home care in Kansas City.

We love what we do and it warms our hearts when we are able to provide care to someone in their own home. This space holds meaning for them and we respect and honor that by providing the opportunity to bring in-home care in Kansas City to them.

There never will be a place just like home. Lukily, we know that the space you live in is very important to you. Home Health CC looks forward to helping you heal and progress in that space by bringing our skilled professionals right to your doorstep!

In-Home Care in Kansas City

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Dietician Delivered | The Luxury of In-Home Health Care

In-Home Health Care

Dietician Delivered | The Luxury of In-Home Health Care In Kansas City

Have you been struggling with your dietary issues, restrictions, and overall health? Are you sick of a long wait every time you see your doctor? Maybe your health issues are something you’d like to keep private and close to the chest.

If any of these are your thoughts, then it may be time to try an in-home health care service.

You’re probably asking what an in-home health care service really is. So, allow me to clarify.

In-home health services like Home Health CC are organizations that work with top-rated doctors and specialists of many kinds. Skilled nurses work with loads of clients every day who are seeking dietary guidance. Yet, the client wants to receive this care without the effort of travel to see a provider.

Well, what can be more comfortable or relaxed than your own home?

At Home Health CC our goal is to provide you with the best care possible while respecting your autonomy and individual wants and needs. Our clients can work with top rated dietitians and doctors while still enjoying their normal schedule and activities.

Nutritionists and dietitians are in hot demand with current trends and the health crisis we are facing. If you’re in need of one, imagine a dietician guiding you in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can discuss ingredients and food in a stress-free and comfortable environment.

Most of us typically grow and retain information when we are in a more relaxed setting. The same goes for your health. You can grow and take the steps to meet your goals without even stepping outside of your own home.

If you’ve been looking for care like this and this sounds appealing, then you may just be the perfect candidate for in-home health care services.

In-Home Health Care

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Skilled Nursing Care – Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction

Is It Fact or Fiction | Skilled Nursing Care Myths

The world surrounding in-home skilled nursing care is full of myths and hearsay. This article is all about what is fact or fiction regarding home health care.

Before we begin, we ought to state that people are often confused and misled about what skilled nurses do. They don’t have a clear idea about how we care for their loved ones. In this article, we will dispel the myths and clarify the truth. Let’s get started.

One of the biggest myths that I hear in the skilled nursing care world: “Most in-home nurses are only satisfactorily educated. They are not specialized.” This is the biggest mistruth and it is the exact opposite of the expertise an in-home care nurse can actually provide. 

Let’s dive further into this. In-home care nurses work with other nurses and doctors of various specialties in order to address all of your concerns. As well, we excel in our work with nutritionists and physical therapists because we truly care about your whole health. Now we will move on to clarifying more fact or fiction. 

The next most common myth I hear about in-home health care is that clients have no control over their schedule or care. Allow me to distinguish what is true or false about this. This belief is likely held because we are used to being tied to regimented schedules of typical doctors and nurses. However, the beauty of skilled nursing care is the freedom that it gives you.

Often times, clients are able to enjoy their social lives and activities while getting the care they need. Home Health CC respects each patient’s preferences and needs. We work with their optimal schedule to take care of them.

Moving forward, we will bust what is true or false about the last myth. Read on to the end of this article to have all of your confusion removed.

The very most common myth I hear about in-home health care: “It is only for short-term, end-of-life scenarios.” Wouldn’t you know that this is complete fiction? It could not be further from the truth of what we do. Conversely, we work with patients in short and long-term scenarios for a wide range of health issues.

Home Health CC truly is excellent skilled nursing care that is capable of providing you the best care right in your own home!

If you are looking for home health care, let us know how we can help you. We will be delighted to hear from you and are glad we could clear up confusion about fact or fiction in the world of skilled nursing care. 

 Fact or Fiction

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