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Kansas City | Skilled Home Health Care in KC

Have you or a loved one experienced a surgery, illness, or decline in health? You may wish to have your medical needs taken care of in the comfort of your home. It is likely you’ve sought a home health care provider in Kansas City. Therefore, Home Health CC may be your answer.

Skilled Home Health Care can be a wonderful and necessary investment to make. That said, choosing which provider is right for you is not a decision that should be made in haste.

Considering this, let’s discuss skilled in-home care. It is exactly as it sounds. It is professional medical care in the comfort of your home. How wonderful! Let’s discuss this a bit more.

How would it be to recover from your home instead of constant travel to doctors appointments? Furthermore, how would you feel with focused attention? The multitude of medical needs that are required for your healing need to be addressed. Great medical care with in-home health care is the passion of Home Health CC.

How do we deliver our care to you? We address the issues of recovery and caring for aging parents with our attentive and compassionate nursing. This allows our clients to rest easy with the help of Home Health CC.

As well as providing this level of care, at Home Health CC has top-rated physicians, nurses, and dietitians to cater to your needs. This being said, there’s no reason to tire yourself through the extra effort it takes to recover without in-home care.

Finally, Kansas City has a ton of medical professionals from which you can receive your care. We’d like you to have your cake and eat it, too.

So, look no further for your needs. Home Health CC can be your trusted resource for home health care in the Kansas City area.

Last, Call us today and let us take care of you!

Home Health Care

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Your Loved-One Is Aging | Skilled Home Care

Skilled Home Care

Skilled Home Care and Your Aging Loved One

Anyone who is dealing with an aging loved one may find it to be a difficult process. Whether you are doing it along with siblings and lots of support (and possibly some drama) or entirely alone, it can be exhausting and cause you to be emotionally depleted.

For you to know when to find the care and what type of care is best is a massive decision for you to make. You will want to feel secure and confident in your skilled home care provider. Let’s discuss the process.

First, if you have an aging loved-one, you may be going through the struggle listed above. Whether your loved-one is in assisted living or with you, you’re likely struggling to provide the best care. To add to the stress, you may be working full-time while juggling all of this.

Clients are facing these predicaments before they meet with us. Moving on we will look at how skilled home care will help you and your loved-one.

Skilled home care can be a wonderful blessing for both of you. It can give you the security and peace of mind to know that your kin is being taken care of in a tranquil environment. You and your loved one will have comfort and security when you work with Home Health CC.

You will be able to rest easy knowing that your loved one is being taken care of attentively. With Home Health CC at your side, you can focus on things like maintaining a job and a family.

We cannot take away the emotional pain of going through this process. But, you can rest easy knowing that you have the right resources and help.

If you are struggling with an aging loved one and providing them care, please know Home Health CC is here for you. We love your loved ones with professional care, but also with the love and respect that you wish for them to receive.

Skilled Home Care

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Referring Your Patients to HHCC: What you Can Expect

Referring Your Patients to HHCC: What you Can Expect blog cover photo

Referring Your Patients to Home Health CC: What you Can Expect

In the medical field, there can often be a lot of disconnect and obstacles to maneuver in order to communicate from one health professional to another. At Home Health CC part of our desire is to bridge the gap and make this an easier process when patients are moving from surgery or hospital care to the comfort of their own home.

We recognize and respect that those doctors and nurses have invested in the life of this patient and that their information and advice for the patient moving forward need to be vital part of the recovery process.

Our staff works closely with each and every medical professional that has been involved with the patient and we make it a priority to coordinate and cooperate with the prescribed plan of action for each individual.

We recognize that just like each patient is different, so is every medical team and we look forward to combing our experience with theirs to make this a team effort for the patient.

Our passion and knowledge for what we do, make us the best choice for skilled care in the patient’s home and we desire to work with other health care professionals who are also passionately seeking the best for each individual that they have the opportunity to care for.

Consider partnering with Home Health CC and referring your patients to us when they are in need of post-surgical or other in-home health care needs.

Our skilled team of professionals are highly-trained and ready to work alongside you to make a difference in the lives of each person that we are able to care for. We are available via our website to answer any questions that you may have and we look forward to seeing the impact that we can make together!

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In-Home Dietitian

In-Home Dietitian blog cover photo

Home Health CC | In-Home Dietitian

Diet is a four-letter word that no one likes to hear, or at least that’s the first thing we think when someone brings it up.

We understand that making nutritional changes might not be the most fun new experience to tackle, but in our experience, we also know what a difference it can make with your health! Discover the difference in your health when you work with an in-home dietitian. 

Each person is born with a unique genetic mold and then our lifestyle choices and our habits have an impact on our nutrition, even from an early age.

Taking all of these things into consideration, our registered in-home dietitians work closely with each individual to customize a plan that works just for them.

Having an in-home dietitian come into your home and help you decide what your next plan of action can clear up confusion and make you feel more confident moving forward.

They can teach skills like menu planning, how to read food labels appropriately and how to use your diet to manage any health issues that you are currently experiencing.

The nutritional counseling that you will experience is highly professional and understanding of your needs.

Each plan is designed to help you take charge of your nutrition and meet the goals that you’ve worked with your health professionals to set for yourself.

Goals like weight loss, managing chronic diseases and feeling less fatigue are easily achieved when you have someone personally invested in helping you succeed.

If you or your loved one are looking for the help of an in-home dietitian, please visit our website and click on our Services tab.

You will then have the opportunity to click on Dietitian and under that tab you can learn a little bit more about what we provide with that service.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions and let us put your mind at ease and a plan in place to work towards your next nutrition goal!

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Home Health CC Services In Kansas City

Home Health Services In Kansas City

Because we are a family owned business with both a military and medical background, we know how important it is to have discipline, routine and excellent medical care for you and your family and we also believe that you deserve to be treated like family by the medical professionals that you are working with.

This is why we go out of our way to provide you with the best care that will make a significant difference in your life as you seek the help that you need.

At Home Health CC we make you a priority and one of the ways that we do that is by offering a variety of home health services in Kansas City that will make it convenient for you to hire only one in-home healthcare company to assist you in your time of need.

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of in-home medical care is having a nurse on hand to help with the health procedures that are out of range for a family member to do. Not only do we offer skilled nursing services to cover that need but we also offer so much more!

We offer three different types of therapy for our patients, including physical, occupational and speech therapy because we know your needs extend beyond the needs of just having a skilled nurse come visit your home.

We also offer the assistance of a dietitian and a social worker in order to round out our services to fill the wide range of needs that you might experience.

It is truly our pleasure as well as our mission to provide you with only the best home health services in Kansas City for your loved ones. We fill our staff with professional and compassionate team members that are ready and willing to bring their services to your home and provide the relief and progress that you desire.

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Help Your Parents Age at Home

Help Your Parents Age at Home

Beepers and cell phones, coffee pots and Starbucks, board games and video games- there are a lot of things that having different meaning for different generations.

Kids these days don’t know what it’s like to have a beeper and go scrambling for a phone when it goes off. They also have no idea what it’s like to wait anxiously for your next roll of film to be developed. The years go by quickly and as they do, things can change drastically from one generation to the next.

One thing that never changes though, that spans all generations and will never die is the desire to love and care for your loved ones, specifically as they get older.

Watching your parents get older isn’t easy for anyone and most of us prefer to live in denial of their age, until something happens to jolt us into reality. Reality can be harsh but watching your parents get older doesn’t have to be.

Home Health provides a variety of services that can be of assistance as your loved ones add more years to their lives. Having a skilled team of medical professionals available to you can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

We’ll be there to answer the hard questions and assist you as you continue to help them maintain their independence and stay in their home.

We are mindful of their desire to stay in a comfortable and familiar space and we make it easy for you to feel confident and happy with supporting their decision to remain in that space.

The years come and go, people change and so do their health needs. Thankfully we have valuable options to offer you as your parents grow older and are seeking to find the balance of the medical care they need and the independence they desire.

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Tips to Help You Stay Mentally Sharp as You Age

Stay Mentally Sharp as You Age…

We all have those moments as we get older when we forget things from time to time. We forget our passwords, or we forget why we walked into a room and we certainly forget what time our appointments are scheduled for.

So, how can you help yourself to stay mentally sharp as you age and do your best to maintain the memory that we have?

Well, we have a few tips we’d like to share that we think might be helpful.

1.       Don’t Stress! Ok, ok we know that isn’t realistic, but finding an outlet for your stress is very important. If we don’t have a healthy outlet, it starts to impact our physical bodies, including our mental stability and we need to hold on to every bit of that as we add years to our life.

Meditating, reading something inspirational or simply taking the time to take three deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed can really help settle your mind and help you stay mentally sharp as you age.

2.       Get physical! This goes right along with managing your stress. Going for a walk, finding a workout class that you love, or doing yoga can really help your mentality.

Keeping your body flowing and releasing stuck energy and toxins that might be holding on is a great way to make sure your brain is staying focused and help you stay mentally sharp as you age.

3.       Sleep! Making sure you’re getting enough sleep to take care of your body is essential to your health in many ways.

Your mind and body need the time to slow down, stop engaging and take a break from all the outside stimulation.

We hope these three tips have helped you to consider starting some new patterns in your life that may help you stay mentally sharp as you age.

Remember how important you are, and that self-care plays a huge role in keeping you at your best!

Contact Home Health CC for more information.

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Why and When You Can Use Skilled Home Care in Kansas City

Skilled Home Care in Kansas City

Why and When You Can Use Skilled Home in Kansas City

Knowing when it’s time to reach out and hire Skilled Home Care in Kansas City can be a tricky and very personal decision.

Home Health CC recognizes that each individual has their own story and unique situation that they bring to us when they’re considering their needs for Skilled Home Care in Kansas City and we honor those people for who they are.

Let’s explore some reasons that you may want to consider bringing Skilled Home Care in Kansas City on board…

Anytime there’s a major medical change in your life or in the life of a loved one, you need to consider Skilled Home Care in Kansas City.

Being responsible for medical needs or helping someone address a change of diet or social status as chronic illness makes an impact, can be overwhelming and add responsibility to your already busy life.

In Kansas City and the surrounding area, Home Health CC is there to see you through this transition.

Some health changes may include surgeries, recovering from an injury or receiving a diagnosis from a doctor that requires you to seek the help of a dietitian.

We encompass all of those needs when you’re facing these changes and we make it easy for you by bringing our skilled professionals into your home.

Having us on your team is a convenience that will save you time, eliminate stress and help create the opportunity to keep you or your loved one in an environment where health, comfort and progress are high priorities.

Skilled Home Care in Kansas City is the best choice to guarantee you are taking charge of your health and beginning this journey by starting out with an entire team of highly qualified medical professionals on your side.

We look forward to making a significant difference in Kansas City by offering quality Skilled Home Care and a variety of services that will help bring more health and vitality to lives of our patients.

For more information call 913-242-3925 or click here!

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Who You Choose for Skilled Home Care in Kansas City Makes a Difference

Skilled Home Care in Kansas City

Who You Choose for Skilled Home Care in Kansas City Makes a Difference

Skilled Home Care in Kansas City

We believe in making a difference and creating more opportunities for health and positivity which is why we believe that it matters who you choose for Skilled Home Care in Kansas City.

Kansas City is known as the city of fountains because of the over two hundred fountains that bring beauty and serenity to the city.

Each of these fountains stands alone in a specific part of the city and creates a little more paradise for the people of Kansas City as they go throughout their daily responsibilities.

Like these fountains, we seek to make a difference throughout the metro area by offering our services to those who are seeking Skilled Home Care in Kansas City for themselves or a loved one.

By choosing Home Health CC, you are choosing a family-owned business that is investing our heart and soul into our clientele by bringing a variety of services to their doorstep.

Our highly trained staff is presented with all of the latest continuing education in their fields to ensure that we can provide the best care for our patients.

Kansas City is a beautiful city and we know that a big part of what makes this our beautiful home is the people.

Taking care of those people and making a significant difference in their lives is our mission and we work hard every day to guarantee we are fulfilling our mission to those individuals.

So, who you choose for Skilled Home Care in Kansas City DOES make a difference.

Choosing Home Health CC means choosing to put family first and feeling confident that you are making the best decision for this transitional time.

Choose confidence, choose family, choose Home Health CC and don’t forget to stop and enjoy those beautiful Kansas City fountains from time to time.

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The Story Behind Home Health CC

Home Health CC

Home Health CC’s Mission states that “we aim to make a significant difference in your life by being there for you during the times you need us most

Home Health CC LLC has a broad spectrum of services and a team of compassionate and reliable professionals catering to a wide range of needs from young adults to the elderly.”

We would like to share a little bit with you about where the heart for making a difference in Kansas City has come from and why we are so very passionate about our impact here our beloved city.

Our family owned business was founded by Shelly Collins who comes from both a military and a medical background and who also has led the way passionately as a female, being one of the first to attend field medical school with the US Marines.

She has continued down that path of passionate pursuit and has created the empire of Home Health CC.

Creating a business that thrives through compassionate work as well as provides the best in education to our staff, is a high priority.

We believe that the best work starts at home and that the values with which we run our business and treat our staff members are important and make an impact on each and every individual that we have the pleasure of serving.

Our story is simple.

We desire to make a difference, to lead the way and partner with others who are also desiring to make a difference and we won’t stop putting effort into spreading our mission to Kansas City and the metro area.

The Kansas City Metro is our home and the heartbeat of our business is to bring the best in Skilled Home Care to each and every individual who is in need of our services in this great city we call home!


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