Skilled Care Nurses Who Really Care

Skilled Care Nurses

Skilled Care Nurses at Home Health CC Really Care

We are Home Health Critical Care. How did we choose this name for our company of skilled care nurses? Let’s dive into each of the elements as we see them. Here we go.


First we will tell you what we mean when we say ‘home.’ A home is more than a house to us. It is a place of safety and security and it is the place that one feels most at ease and comfortable. In other words, it is the feeling of fondness for one’s house – the structure over their heads.

Therefore, any Home Health CC professional will treat your environment with respect and will nurture you in this place. We know that our patients are seeking nurses who can help them heal and who will be respectable, honest, and helpful in this process. Because we know how vital this is to your peace of mind, we consistently step into your shoes when we enter your home. We provide care for you on the basis of empathy.

Now, moving onto ‘Health.’


This word can mean many things to any individual. But, how do our skilled care nurses think of health? There are multiple components. In a broad sense it is one’s overall state of well-being. This includes emotional, cognitive (mental), physical health, and global health. We are going to break these down for you.

Mental Health

Second, your mental or cognitive health. As it goes for our purposes, mental health ought to be considered in regards to the brain’s functioning in an orderly manner. When one is in good cognitive health, he or she can effectively perform thinking tasks and process.

Emotional Health

Second, your emotional health. Note that this is very closely related to one’s mental health. It is, in essence, the experience of wellbeing about one’s feelings and behaviors in his or her internal and external world. It also includes one’s ability to meet life’s daily demands.

Physical Health

Finally, your physical health. Physical health can be thought of as the state of cohesiveness of a person’s body functions. A human’s body operates with minimal pain, is capable of performing daily functions, and is strong when he or she is in good physical health. It is important to remember any limits a person may face to these operations when assessing this person’s physical health.

Global Health

Home Health CC considers mental health, emotional health, and physical health together when we use the term health. As you can see from the descriptions above, each of these components come together to form one’s overall state of health. This provides our skilled care nurses with information about the types and levels of care we are going to offer each individual client. What do we mean by ‘Care,’ though? Read on to find out.


Merriam-Webster defines critical as, ‘relating to or being the stage of a disease at which an abrupt change for better or worse may be expected.‘ By including this element in our name, we allude to our ability to operate in situations where you are likely distressed. We need, though, to combine this with ‘Care’ to really clarify just who we are. Moving forward will make this clear for you.


We think of this term as encompassing the way that we go about providing our services. It suggests our compassionate method of delivering solutions to your needs. Basically, care is our empathy for your situation and the resulting action we take to bring peace and restoration to you. We see you as more than just a client; we see you as another human being who wants to feel good, safe, and healthy.

To Conclude

Like we do anything else, we took time and thought when we chose to name ourselves Home Health CC. It was important to us that our name envelop the totality of who we are. By bringing together each component of the name Home Health Critical Care, we hope that we have successfully given an idea of the services we provide and how we do this. Our skilled care nurses wish that our clients feel comfortable, well, hopeful, and provided for. Now that you know just why we call ourselves what we do, you can understand our passion for your success.

And, find out more about us, here or click the button below to see an overview of our services.

Skilled Care Nurses


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