Physical Therapy at Home After an Injury


Home Health CC offers physical therapy services in the comfort of your own home.  Unlike traditional physical therapy where you go to a clinic, at Home Health CC, we bring the outpatient clinic to you.

Our Physical therapists provide therapy in the comfort of your own home for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disease, injury, or disability that utilizes therapeutic exercises, massage and electrotherapy, assistive devices and patient education and training.

Your doctor might suggest this type of treatment if you’ve had an injury or illness that makes it hard to do daily tasks. You may need it to:

·         Relieve pain

·         Improve movement or ability

·         Prevent or recover from a sports injury

·         Prevent disability or surgery

·         Rehab after stroke

·         Manage chronic illness

At Home Health CC we are licensed health care professionals, we look at your needs and guide you through your therapy. In order for you to utilize our in-home Physical Therapy services, you will need your doctor to prescribe it. A Physical Therapist will not replace your doctor. But will work with your doctors and other healthcare professionals to guide your treatments.

Learn more about our Physical Therapists by visiting our website here or call 913-242-3925, fax 913-553-2909 or email

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