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Self Care in the Fall

Home Health CC’s Advice for Your Self Care in the Fall

As seasons change, many find themselves feeling the stress of new routines. Home Health CC¬†wants to share tips for your self care in the fall season. Let’s get to it.

Proper Skin Care Tips

Cracked hands. Dried lips. Ashy skin. These are three bothers that happen during the fall. It’s important that we take care of moisturizing our skin – the largest organ of the human body! Some ways to easily incorporate this care are to follow: pick a consistent time to apply creams/lotions. Reward yourself for your positive choices. Have supplies on hand! You’re going to be grateful that you opted-in on this one. After all, nobody likes itchiness and irritation. I don’t think so, at least.

Get Outdoors!

As the evening falls dark upon us at earlier and earlier hours, we may find ourselves feeling a little bit of gloom. The good news is that we don’t have to let the gloom take charge! You can fight back the dreariness by spending time in the natural world around you. Check out these tips for your outdoors self care in the fall. Perhaps a cup of tea is one of your favorite treats! Go ahead and sit outside, feel the cool air at your nostrils, listen to the birds, and sip, sip away! Maybe you like to do more physically taxing labor. Go ahead and turn on some music and rake your leaves! Not only is it productive – it’s pretty, too.

Have Friends Over

Many of the elderly or health-compromised find that they have the added obstacle of less contact with others. However, by taking one or two extra steps to plan quality-time with loved ones, you’re going to see that obstacle fall away. The good news is that there’s no one thing you have to do. Maybe you want to watch a flick on T.V.! Perhaps you’d enjoy a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Do you like to bake? Ask a friend to get creative in the kitchen with you or invite them over to enjoy your baked goods when you’re finished. Yum! Your friends will be calling you for another day of fun sooner than you expect, too! How easy does that make self care in the fall? Too easy? Almost!

To Wrap Things Up

It is pertinent for any health care routine that one makes sure he or she is moving with the changes in life. So, as the temperatures drop and the days become shorter, Home Health CC wants to encourage you to take charge. By picking some of these activities for your self care in the fall, you’re sure to feel more comfortable with the movement of seasons. We’re positive!

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Self Care in the Fall


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