Skilled Nursing Care – Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction

Is It Fact or Fiction | Skilled Nursing Care Myths

The world surrounding in-home skilled nursing care is full of myths and hearsay. This article is all about what is fact or fiction regarding home health care.

Before we begin, we ought to state that people are often confused and misled about what skilled nurses do. They don’t have a clear idea about how we care for their loved ones. In this article, we will dispel the myths and clarify the truth. Let’s get started.

One of the biggest myths that I hear in the skilled nursing care world: “Most in-home nurses are only satisfactorily educated. They are not specialized.” This is the biggest mistruth and it is the exact opposite of the expertise an in-home care nurse can actually provide. 

Let’s dive further into this. In-home care nurses work with other nurses and doctors of various specialties in order to address all of your concerns. As well, we excel in our work with nutritionists and physical therapists because we truly care about your whole health. Now we will move on to clarifying more fact or fiction. 

The next most common myth I hear about in-home health care is that clients have no control over their schedule or care. Allow me to distinguish what is true or false about this. This belief is likely held because we are used to being tied to regimented schedules of typical doctors and nurses. However, the beauty of skilled nursing care is the freedom that it gives you.

Often times, clients are able to enjoy their social lives and activities while getting the care they need. Home Health CC respects each patient’s preferences and needs. We work with their optimal schedule to take care of them.

Moving forward, we will bust what is true or false about the last myth. Read on to the end of this article to have all of your confusion removed.

The very most common myth I hear about in-home health care: “It is only for short-term, end-of-life scenarios.” Wouldn’t you know that this is complete fiction? It could not be further from the truth of what we do. Conversely, we work with patients in short and long-term scenarios for a wide range of health issues.

Home Health CC truly is excellent skilled nursing care that is capable of providing you the best care right in your own home!

If you are looking for home health care, let us know how we can help you. We will be delighted to hear from you and are glad we could clear up confusion about fact or fiction in the world of skilled nursing care. 

 Fact or Fiction

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