The Story Behind Home Health CC

Home Health CC’s Mission states that “we aim to make a significant difference in your life by being there for you during the times you need us most

Home Health CC LLC has a broad spectrum of services and a team of compassionate and reliable professionals catering to a wide range of needs from young adults to the elderly.”

We would like to share a little bit with you about where the heart for making a difference in Kansas City has come from and why we are so very passionate about our impact here our beloved city.

Our family owned business was founded by Shelly Collins who comes from both a military and a medical background and who also has led the way passionately as a female, being one of the first to attend field medical school with the US Marines.

She has continued down that path of passionate pursuit and has created the empire of Home Health CC.

Creating a business that thrives through compassionate work as well as provides the best in education to our staff, is a high priority.

We believe that the best work starts at home and that the values with which we run our business and treat our staff members are important and make an impact on each and every individual that we have the pleasure of serving.

Our story is simple.

We desire to make a difference, to lead the way and partner with others who are also desiring to make a difference and we won’t stop putting effort into spreading our mission to Kansas City and the metro area.

The Kansas City Metro is our home and the heartbeat of our business is to bring the best in Skilled Home Care to each and every individual who is in need of our services in this great city we call home!


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