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Thanksgiving Meal ModerationTips for Your Thanksgiving Meal Moderation

Hey there, Thanksgiving friends! Home Health CC wishes you a holiday filled with fun and enjoyment. We want to help you have a great one by doing our part to share healthy ways to enjoy it! Here are some Thanksgiving meal moderation tips!

Everybody who looks forward to Thanksgiving that we know considers it a feast. Right? We all think of that post-Thanksgiving nap. You know, the nap where our bellies are filled and we are ready to snooze away the evening. Yeah, that one. So, we still want you to enjoy yourself and have a yummy meal with your loved ones. Let us share how you can do that and walk away without feeling the bulge.

Plan Ahead

It’s common knowledge that a little bit of planning goes a long way toward enabling best results. Put this stuff into practice! We’ll share with you what we do. It’s easy to enjoy good tasting food in excess, using the holiday as an excuse to snarf. We’re gonna share tips to combat that.

You’re going to be given an array of options to enjoy. Thus, taking them into account ahead of time will make it so you can be smart! Therefore, pick a few of your favorite entrees and sides. Do you highly look forward to the green bean casserole and dark meat turkey? Great! Go ahead and have some. You’re a lover of peach cobbler? Sure, have some. Know what you’re going to have ahead of time, and you’re set! Okay, on to more Thanksgiving meal moderation tips for you.

Remain Mindful

The surest way to savor the full taste of your meal is to be aware! When you’re eating, notice what you’re eating. Is it hot? Are you aware of any tastes that you weren’t expecting? Where does the food hit your palette? Okay, so you don’t have to be that in depth. After all, you’re not trying to become a master. But, you do want to have enough mindfulness that you know what you’re eating.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Along with mindfulness goes the practice of tuning into your body’s signals. Is your stomach feeling more full? Do you notice that the food is losing some of its’ taste as you continue? This is a good signal that the food you’ve already eaten is enough. Your body may be telling you that it’s time to put the fork down! Go ahead and set your fork down for just a minute. Engage a family member in conversation and you may lose any interest in the food. You may realize that you were just eating cause it was there!

Moderation Is Key

When you put these tips into practice, you’re going to be headed in the right direction. It’s good to remain aware of what you’re putting into your body. Many times that we overdo it, it’s because we haven’t put any attention toward balance. To progress, put a bit of attention into your efforts and the pay off will be your comfort after your meal! And, you’ll be more inclined to have the energy to engage with your family! It’s a win-win! And, we’re glad to share our Thanksgiving meal moderation tips with you!

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