What Can A Dietitian Do For You?

What does a dietitian do? 
Dietitians work with you to help you feel your best. They translate scientific research about food and nutrition into practical solutions for individuals, families, and communities. A dietitian would not just hand you a diet or a list of foods not to eat and send you on your way or promote or sell you unnecessary food or supplements. The advice and information they provide are tailored to you and your needs.

Dietitians are specially trained in nutrition and counseling. They give science-based, valid and real information. They have a rich background in knowing how to work with patients and clients to achieve the best nutrition outcomes. In addition, they are bound by a code of ethics that says they will practice nutrition with evidence-based research and free from conflict-of-interest. I will never sell you a supplement, pill or shake.

A Dietitian can:

  • Help educate you about a healthy and appropriate diet for you
  • Assess your current diet in detail and provide you with practical advice on how to improve your food choices to meet your nutrition needs.
  • Set special diets to encourage healthy weight loss or weight gain
  • Give information about diets to help treat or maintain medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney problems, digestive disorders, hyperactivity, arthritis
  • Assist you if you are worried about your own or your child’s poor eating habits
  • Good nutrition can have a strong role to play in numerous conditions such as allergies, skin problems, anxiety issues, digestive problems
  • Teach healthy food habits for lifelong disease avoidance
  • Facilitate workshops or provide nutrition presentations for your organization incorporating up to date and practical nutrition advice
  • Provide a comprehensive nutrition service for your rest home

Dietitians are in demand. Today, with a better understanding of the relationship between good eating habits and good health, dietitians are playing an increasingly important role in contributing to the health and well-being of Kansas.

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