What Can an In-Home Dietitian Do for Me?


Have you ever wondered what exactly dietitians do? A recent study found that over 90% of people are interested in seeing a dietitian. Many people have heard of dietitians, but are unaware of the vital role they can play in helping people achieve their nutrition and health goals.

That late-night love affair with Ben & Jerry’s. The pre-diabetic warnings from your doctor. The tricky articles you read about gluten, dairy and omega-3 fatty acids and salt. These are all issues that an in-home registered dietitian can help you address. A registered dietitian can take your longing to eat right and make it actually happen, by creating a nutrition plan specifically for you and your lifestyle, concerns, and challenges.

Here’s how our Home Health CC dietitians can help you.

Know that you have a choice when it comes to your dietitian. You can always tell your doctor who you approve to be your dietitian. You do not have to settle with whoever the doctor refers you to.

Home Health CC dietitians work from the comfort of your own home.  Others work in public health, corporate wellness, or the food industry. Dietitians can help people with a variety of nutrition-related diseases. With the current obesity epidemic in the United States, many people are turning to dietitians for help with weight loss. However, dietitians can also assist those who are looking to gain weight, increase muscle mass, increase energy or prevent chronic disease.

Remember that registered dietitians are THE experts on food and nutrition–never settle for less by taking the advice of someone who has not had the proper education and training.

To learn more, visit our website by clicking here or call (913) 242-3925, fax (913) 553-2909 or email scollins@homehealthcc.com.

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